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Brothers in Song is a music licensing collective. We present to you music that can be purchased for use in your productions royalty free. You will find Music of various lengths, styles, moods, and Genre.

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Mood typically represents an emotional state or feeling.  If you need a background track for a scene where someone is losing a loved one, you would likely be presenting a 'Sad' scene, and want music that conveys that emotion.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, a scene of someone reuniting might be represented by 'Happy', 'Joy', or 'Energetic'. 


A "Theme" represents an overarching message. It could be a scene of 'Celebration', or 'Reflective'. It is possible for a Mood, to be represented that may differ somewhat from the "Theme". For example, you may be presenting a scene of a group celebrating, but focusing on someone missing there significant other and thus have an associated mood of 'Sad' or 'Romantic'


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